SMS Controller and Monitor

GasApps Australia P/L have now designed and developed a new SMS control/monitor system for the gas fumigation industry in Australia. This is a very powerful system as it can be tailored for virtually any application in any industry that requires remote control and or monitoring. Our latest model has been successfully configured to operate on the Telstra new NextG network in Australia. This is particularly important the grain fumigation industry in Australia as almost all of the grain storages are located in remote parts of the country. Grain fumigation systems need to run continuously [24/7] for about three to four weeks on far away unmanned site. This systems allows us to keep in full contact with the fumigation process allowing us to retrieve data such as gas cylinder pressure, fumigation hours run etc in just seconds from anywhere in the world. The unit is currently configured to SMS a full report at 12 noon every day. We also have the power to start-up and shutdown the fumigation system from a mobile phone at any time. Here are some or the benefits of the system.

•  Remote control from your mobile phone

•  Send commands to your machine or equipment via SMS

•  Receive commands from your machine or equipment via SMS

•  Receive instant messages if machine shuts down, power failure, low gas pressure and so on

•  No communication wires required

•  Suitable for mobile machines or equipment

•  Unit has an inbuilt PLC, which can be programmed to run additional machine requirements

•  Very low running costs, and will even operate with a pre-paid SIMM card

GasApps Australia P/L will be further developing the system this year [2008]. We would be happy to design and configure a system for you and for anyone in Australia or overseas. We would be happy to look at your requirement and supply a quote

SMS Controller / Monitor System

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