Phosphine-Air Mixers

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GasApps now manufacture two sizes of Phosphine / Air gas dispensing Machines.

Our HiFlo Unit is used to mix, dispense, and inject a Phosphine / Air mixture into sealed grain storages from say 2,000t to 20,000t. This unit has a Ph3 delivery capacity of 6kg/hr. [1% Ph3 in Air].

MAX Flow Capacity = 6kg/Hr PH3 in Air

Weigh Approx 230kg

Both Lifting and TieDown Lugs

Delivery Hose : Ø63mm x 6m Long with Camlock Coupling

Self Leak Testing and Self System Purging

Twin-Cylinder Capacity With Auto Changeover - NO Part Cylinders Leftover

Twin-Scales Allows Gas To Be Dispensed By Weight

Target Weight Entered Through Touch Screen

Purge Gas : Clean CO² [<50ppm O²] (BOC code 082), CO² only used for Purging and Pneumatics and NOT for blending

Power Requirements: 415VAC 50Hz x 20AMP  (5.5kW motor)

Inbuilt VFD (Reduces Motor Startup Current Draw)

For Use With UltraPhos Phosphine Cylinderised Gas ONLY

Weight: 230 kg

HiFlo Unit - 6kg/hr

16kVA Generator

GasApps can also provide a suitable power generator ideal for operating the HiFlo machine.

The Briggs & Stratton Vanguard powered 13kW - 16kVA 27hp Electric Start Petrol Generator has a three-Phase 415V 50Hz 20A output with a long range 50L fuel tank

Weight: 135 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 900x500x650

HiFlo Dispenser Manual HiFlo Mixer Manual Jul23b.pdf LoFlo Manual2.pdf LoFlo Dispenser Manual